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Hotel Los Frailes , Old Havana, Havana, Kuba
Los Frailes Hotel
Hotel Los Frailes
Reception At Hotel Los Frailes
Los Frailes Reception
Hotel Habaguanex Los Frailes Double Room
Standard Room At Los Frailes
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The Hotel los Frailes (Friars’ Hotel) owes its name to its proximity to the Basilica and Monastery of St Francis of Assisi in the nearby Plaza de San Francisco. It is a very pleasant little hotel despite a few idiosyncrasies, principal of which is that all the staff members are required to dress as Franciscan friars. It feels faintly sacrilegious to drink a mojito mixed by a monk, but no odder than seeing that same monk later, still in his habit, lurking outside the hotel entrance with a huge cigar between his teeth.

Another little peculiarity of the place is that the majority of the rooms have been laid out in the style of monastic cells. This actually sounds far worse than it is, for the rooms are air conditioned and so comfortable that one hardly notices the lack of a window. The first floor suites are definitely the best option, though, as they do have windows which overlook Teniente Rey Street; these rooms are thus very light and airy.

The ground floor bar with its tall windows is cool and has lots of comfortable sofas, and the woodwind quartet that regularly plays there has a very soothing effect on the nerves after a day spent in the noise and heat of Old Havana. An interesting design feature of the hotel is that the original aljibe, the central limestone cistern of the type located under the courtyard of every colonial mansion in Old Havana, has been glassed over so that one can see the deliciously clear water below.

Please note: Los Frailes has no restaurant, so its guests usually take breakfast in a corner café about a minute’s walk from the hotel.
© 2010 Nigel Hunt
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Hodnocení 12 Dec 2011 s William R od Canada
This is a nice hotel in a well kept area of Habana Vieja.<br><br>I actually arrived a day late for my reservation, and the hotel honoured my complete prepaid stay, although I had to wait a couple of hours for a shift change in the management to okay my lateness. Clean, well appointed room, with breakfast at the corner restaurant. Standard amount of hustle and bustle in and around the hotel.
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24 hodinová recepce
Bezpečnost - uniformovaný bezpečnostní personál 24 hodin
Čištění obuvi
Denní noviny
Hotel byl nedávno zrekonstruován
Internet na hotelových počítačích
Kavárna / bar s občerstvením
Lobby bar
Malecon max 5min chůze
Mastercard & Visa (není vydávána bankou USA)
Mezinárodní kuchyně
Napětí 110/120
Noční klub v okolí
Obchod se základními potřebami, suvenýry a dárky
Obchody max 2min chůzí
Personál recepce mluví španělsky, anglicky, francouzsky, německy, italsky
Služba praní a žehlení
Snídaně - z menu
Stará budova byla obnovena
Telefon - národní a mezinárodní hovory
TV místnost / bar (mezinárodní kanály a videa)
Úschovna zavazadel
Zdravotní služby
Detaily Standartní pokoj  
We’ll come right out and say it (again): there are no windows in the 18 standard rooms at the Hotel Los Frailes. Before you shriek with horror, please believe us when we say that the rooms are really attractive and we promise that you hardly notice the absence of fenestration. The thinking behind the hotel’s design is that it should be somewhat reminiscent of a monastery - and monastic cells don’t always have windows. But we think any monk or nun occupying one of Los Frailes standard rooms would be seriously tempted to renounce their vows of simplicity and chastity too: the beds are inviting, the furnishings attractive and the bathrooms are sinfully luxurious. All of the standard rooms are twin bedded.
© 2010 Nigel Hunt
110 voltů
Dětská postýlka (na vyžádání)
Dvoulůžkové postele
Horká a studená voda
Minibar / lednička
Pokoj servis
Satelitní televize
Trezor v pokoji
Detaily Apartmá typu Junior  
The 4 Junior Suites at Los Frailes are very civilised indeed with high ceilings, attractive faux Colonial furnishings including huge wooden chests, generous bathroom spaces and inviting seating areas preceding the main bedroom area with tall French doors crowned by traditional stained glass fanlights opening onto their own balconies.
© 2010 Nigel Hunt
110 voltů
Dětská postýlka (na vyžádání)
Horká a studená voda
Manželská postel
Minibar / lednička
Pokoj servis
Satelitní televize
Terasa nebo balkon
Trezor v pokoji
Průvodce po Old Havana
The heart and soul of Havana is the old town Habana Vieja, declared a Heritage of Mankind Site in 1982 by UNESCO. It was keen to preserve the beauty of its architecture and promote the historical importance of its role within the region.

The following are just some of the interesting places to visit: Plaza de Armas, centred around a statue of the patriot Cespedes and emcompassed by shaded marble benches and second-hand booksellers, is the first public square built in the city. Plaza de la Catedral is perhaps the most beautiful square in the Caribbean which is surrounded by examples of the finest baroque architecture in the country. El Templete, small neoclassical temple which marks the spot where the first Mass was said in 1519. Castillo de la Real Fuerza is one of the oldest forts in the Americas, it holds modern art exhibitions downstairs and the battlements afford good views over the harbour. Palacio de los Capitanes Generales, the seat of government and governor's residence was transferred from the fort to the built. The presidential palace and then the municipal palace until Castro seized power it is now Museo de la Ciudad de la Habana. Museo de Arte Colonial, fine palace constructed in 1720, its yellow courtyard and little-altered architectural features are complemented by a large collection of 17th- and 18th-century furniture. Calle Obispo is Old Havana's most important and smartest thoroughfare, pedestrianized with missile heads as bollards.
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