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Hotel Islazul Camino de Hierro, Camaguey City, Cuba
Hotel Camino de Hierro
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Hotel E Camino de Hierro is a great choice if you are looking to stay in the centre of historical Camaguey, particularly if you want to enjoy its delights by day & night.

Named after the iron road (railroad) that helped this colonial city to boom, Camino de Hierro is a charming 18th century boutique hotel & perfectly located for its central attractions. The city centre is a UNESCO world heritage site & this hotel is close to the impressive Iglesia de La Soledad church & beautifully restored cobble-stoned Plaza San Juan de Dios.

Camino de Hierro is only a small hotel with buildings spread either side of the road. The main building is attractively appointed with a railway theme & stylish original artwork throughout. There feels like real history within its walls & there are distinctive colonial features like the classic covered first floor balcony & tall mahogany doors.

The staff are very good at Camino de Hierro though food can be hit & miss, with breakfast generally the best, though the restaurant can be busy then with choice rather limited. However, there are a number of good eating options nearby if you prefer. The hotel bar provides good cocktails & there is also a bar in the adjacent building, though this does get noisy. By day it is pleasant to relax in the inner courtyard or take in some sun as you watch the world go by on the outer patio.

It may not suit light sleepers but Camino de Hierro is a great choice for anyone wanting a slice of colonial Cuba in central Camaguey, particularly those who enjoy the nightlife.
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Not Reviewed By Nigel Yet
Reviewed on 06 Aug 2015 by Daniel H from United States
Excellent .... Enjoyed our stay and service ......
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Historic site
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상점들은 걸어서 2분
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세부사항 Standard 객실
The standard rooms at Hotel Camino de Hierro are clean & well appointed, if a little dull. Inner rooms do not have windows so can get stuffy, though the outer ones are noisier with some first floor balconies overlooking the square. The location of this hotel means that noise is unavoidable, though there are rooms away from the square & the adjacent bar. Standard features include a fridge, air conditioning & satellite TV, while the ensuite bathroom provides complementary toiletries.
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110볼트 전원
220볼트 전원
Bathtub or shower
Bedside tables
Desk with chair
뜨거운 물과 차가운 물
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발코니 (가능한 조건)
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위성 TV
킹스사이즈 침대
트윈 침대
Guide to Camaguey City 카마과이 시티
이 도시는 옛날 식민지 시절에 아주 중요한 도시였으며, 지금의 이곳은 바로크식의 교회들, Plaza San Juan de Dios와 같은 그리고 멋진 그림들이 구석구석 숨겨져있다.

도시를 둘러보다 보면은 곳곳의 공원과 박물관을 통해 이 도시의 영웅인 인그나시오 마그라몬타에를 느낄수 있을 것이다.
카마과이 시티는 쿠바에서도 가장 아름다운 도시이며, 식민지였던 지난날의 농경산업의 중요지였다.

기차역 근처에는 Ignacio Agramonte의 생가인 박물관을 발견할수도 있다.
The La Merced church의 반대쪽을 방문해보라 그 곳에는 벽화와 숭배의 대상이 저장되어져 있다.
Plaza San Juan de Dios은 카마가이 시티에서 가장 볼만한 곳이다. 밝은 빛깔의 오래된 자갈로 둘러 쌓여져있으며 예쁜 노란색의 교회를 따라 예전의 병원이 자리잡고있다.
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