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Hotel-hotel didalam Rafael Freyre, Holguin, Cuba
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Rafael Freyre
Surrounded by a reassuring ambiance, Islazul Villa Don Lino offers the visitor all the appropriate conditions to enjoy a pleasant stay. The Don Lino Hotel possesses a beach 280 meters long & 50 meters wide. Don Lino has become famous as The Great Little Beach because it boasts a thousand charms in a tiny belt of sand. The indigenous natural... Gambar-gambar & keterangan lanjut…
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Rafael Freyre
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La Silla de Gibara, the seat of Gibara, named by the first Spaniards as they sailed along the Cuban coasts, has the outline of a comfortable giant's seat. Actually, it is a grouping of small elevations, among which the Campismo is located, in the Eastern Holguín province. Campismo Silla de Gibara offers activities such as trekking, horse riding and... Gambar-gambar & keterangan lanjut…
Campismo Popular
Hotel-hotel Keluarga
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Rafael Freyre Guide
Rafael Freyre city is marked on most maps as Santa Lucia.

The region includes a wonderful little Cuban beach Playa Blanca famous for its fine and white sand, Bahia de Bariay, Fray Benito and Silla de Gibara. The latter is also not marked on most maps.

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