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Hoteli v Maisi, Guantanamo, Kuba
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Located in the most eastern part of Cuba, Hotel Islazul Faro de Maisi is ideal for lovers of nature who want to explore the hidden wonders of Guantanamo province. The three star hotel is amidst remote surroundings, offering spectacular, uninterrupted views of the city of Maisi and nearby Caribbean Sea. While it may appear secluded, the hotel is conveniently... Slike & več informacij...
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Maisi Guide
Popular amongst cyclists and nature lovers Maisi is a relatively small municipality and town in the Guantánamo Province of Cuba. Situated on the Easternmost tip of Cuba bordering the Caribbean Sea, the town offers view of other nearby islands such as Haiti on a clear day.

Known for its famous La Concha Lighthouse at Punta de Maisi, the town is home to long stretches of white sand beaches virtually untouched by tourists but known by locals.

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USA & Kanada prodaja :: Jeffery ali Bastien :: Klic brezplačen 888 361 9555
Turistični center Havana :: Idelsis :: +53 7 863 9555
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