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Hotel Prado Y Malecon, Central Havana, Havana, Cuba
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About Hotel Prado Y Malecon
Situated on the street corner of which it takes its name, Hotel Prado y Malecon is a modern hotel along the Malecon sea wall promenade expected to open in late 2018.

A joint project between Havana based Gaviota and French company Accor, Hotel Prado y Malecon is set to have a range of modern features and furnishings throughout its 218 rooms including an infinity pool.

Future guests will also be able to take advantage of its great location, providing views of Castillo de Los Tres Reyes del Morro and la Fortaleza de San Salvador de la Punta. As well as attractions such as the Museo de la Revolucion and Museo de Bella Artes.
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Guide to Central Havana
Along with Habana Vieja, Centro Habana is the most populated and overcrowded part of the city. It is a tumbledown residential / commercial area, the city's main shopping street, Calle San Rafael, traverses it from the Parque Central westwards. The large Partagas tobacco factory, directly behind the Capitolio, is the biggest export factory in the country, with 200 rollers turning out 5 million cigars a year.

Walking around this area you understand why Havana is sometimes referred to as a City of Columns; almost every buildings displays either one or a mixture of the Corinthian, Doric or Ionic types of this structure.
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