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Hotel Villa Cayo Naranjo , Cayo Naranjo, Holguin, Cuba
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About Hotel Gaviota Villa Cayo Naranjo
الغوص والغطس
الفنادق الريفية
فنادق شاطئية
فنادق عائلية
Cayo Naranjo, a tourist beach resort in the eastern Cuban province of Holguin, forms part of an expanding strategy in the leisure industry and provides visitors with an incredibly beautiful setting and the surprise of finding an aquarium in the sea.

Hotel Villa Cayo Naranjo (also known as Bungalow Birancito) is a small two-bedroom house with all the equipment needed by those who love the sea, underwater expeditions and water sports in general. First floor consists of single bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom; second floor – double bedroom living room, kitchen and bathroom. The house is fully air-conditioned and has cable TV.

It is an intimate and comfortable place, ideal to rent for a small group of friends.

During the stay you can use the services of the boat available to cross the bay twice a day from and to Bahia de Narahjo and once at night, Cuban cuisine restaurant specialized in seafood, bar “Morena Verde”, natural aquarium with seal and walrus show and a dolphin centre, where you can get an unforgettable experience of swimming with dolphins.

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متجر الأساسيات والهدايا التذكارية والهدايا
Details of Suite  
Suites are spacious and both are equipped with air-conditioning, private bathrooms, cable TV and mini-bar.
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حمام داخل الغرفة
قنوات فضائية
مينى بار(ثلاجة صغيرة)/ ثلاجة
Guide to Cayo Naranjo
This beautiful cay is the centrepiece of the Bahia de Naranjo Nature Reserve and is the location of the Acuario Cayo Naranjo. The latter puts on a daily marine show at noon, and best of all an opportunity to swim with dolphins.
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