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Hotel Rancho el Tesoro , Nueva Gerona, Isle of Youth, Cuba

"The Rancho El Tesoro Hotel is currently a 'complex' with the Villa Isla Hotel. In practice this means when you get to the peaceful/relaxing El Tesoro, it could easily be full, and you will be 'banished' to the lively/exciting Villa Isla Hotel. Is this the hotels' best shot at appealing to those who like playing at the roulette wheels of Las Vegas casinos? I guess you might be able to influence your fortunes by checking-in early to get El Tesoro.. and late to get Villa Isla. We apologise in advance if you don't get lucky. We have requested from the hotel a more normal arrangement but it was refused. Although the uncertain lottery of which hotel you will get will be a bit scary to most, both hotels are inexpensive and have unique charms that may surprise & delight you."
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