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Turistički vodič - Guantanamo, Kuba
najzanimljivija provincija
Američka pomorska baza
Guantanamo zaljev
istočni dio Kube
spoj Karipskog mora i Atlantskog oceana
osnivač Diego Velazquez
najstarija trag europske kolonizacije
palmina drva
ribarsko selo i luka
zapadni dio zaljeva Guantanamo
transport šećerne trske i kave
neposredna blizina američke vojne baze
udaljen 90 km od Santiaga
proizvodnja šećerne trske i vune
najpoznatija patriotska kubanska pjesma Guantanamera
nacionalni pjesnik Jose Marti
zadnji primjer kolonizacije
Imias, Yacabo & Cajobabo
The Imias City is sheltered on all sides by impressive mountains. Only two deep narrow passes, cut by the Rio Yacabo to the West, & the Rio Imias to the East allow passage. This extremely remote city could be described as quaint if it wasn't so orderly & composed. Old guard music & announcements from huge tannoys are piped down the main streets. Imias is a fascinating quick stop for basic supplies; but you might leave behind a niggling regret that you didn't stay & explore longer.

The folk dance La Guanajá is unique to the mountainous Imías region. Imias stages the street comedy play, El Berraco (The Boar), 16 August or 11 April, starting in the El Salao neighbourhood.

The small Yacabo Abajo settlement runs along the base of the fertile Rio Yacabo valley, till the Playa Yacabo beach. Yacabo Arriba is higher up the valley.

The Cajobabo beach is the place of the historic landings of José Martí and Máximo Gómez on the 10th April 1895 during the fight for Cuban Independance. The Playita de Cajobabo landing was the start of Martí's march that became known as the "Route to Glory".

Today Cajobabo, of about 2000 scattered inhabitants, is an unspoilt forgotten backwater. As such a perfect place to stop, swim and chillout between Baracoa and Guantanamo. If you can navigate the road to the second beach to the East, just the other side of a small headland, you might find you will have it all to yourself.
Popular amongst cyclists and nature lovers Maisi is a relatively small municipality and town in the Guantánamo Province of Cuba. Situated on the Easternmost tip of Cuba bordering the Caribbean Sea, the town offers view of other nearby islands such as Haiti on a clear day.

Known for its famous La Concha Lighthouse at Punta de Maisi, the town is home to long stretches of white sand beaches virtually untouched by tourists but known by locals.

Turistički vodič po provincijama
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