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Hotel La Rusa , Baracoa, Guantanamo, Kuba
La Rusa, Dvokrevetna soba
Dvokrevetna soba u hotelu La rusa
La Rusa Hotel
Hotel La Rusa
Bar hotela La Rusa
La Rusa Bar
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O Hotel La Rusa
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If you are looking for a charming hotel in Baracoa, one of Cuba’s lesser known gems, then you will enjoy La Rusa – particularly if you are a Che Guevara enthusiast.

Hotel La Rusa has changed little since Che Guevara stayed in the early 1960s & you can stay in the same room if you book in advance. Other famous ex-guests include Errol Flynn, Fidel Castro & Raul Castro.

La Rusa was established by an immigrant who fled the Russian Revolution in 1917 & there are plenty of reminders on its walls. Despite refurbishment in 2009, the hotel remains rather basic with a small lobby & reception. However, it is clean, well appointed & looked after by great staff. La Rusa hotel has a small bar & restaurant which serve decent quality food & drink, particularly the mojitos & coconut desserts. There is also car parking & a laundry service for guests.

Whether you are interested in its famous ex-guests or not, La Rusa is a charming hotel in a great location, where you will be guaranteed a warm welcome & a comfortable stay.
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La Rusa has 12 standard rooms with mainly twin beds, as well as air conditioning & satellite TV. The rooms are well kept by friendly maids, though some guests have found their bathroom a little small. Some of La Rusa’s rooms have outstanding sea views, though be warned as there can be leaks from the spray of larger waves against the nearby sea wall. But the views more than make up for this & you can lie back in bed experiencing the same sights & sounds as those famous former visitors.
© 2014 Nigel Hunt
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