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Villa Bayamo , Bayamo, Granma, Kuba
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O Hotel Villa Islazul Bayamo
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Villa Islazul Bayamo represents good value for anyone exploring eastern Cuba & provides the opportunity to mingle with local people, away from the main towns & cities.

Villa Bayamo is a budget hotel with limited facilities, though guests will enjoy the sun terrace & swimming pool, which overlook distant fields, while there is also a children’s playground. The food & drink served by the hotel’s friendly staff are more than adequate, though the choice is limited. Villa Bayamo also holds occasional discos which are popular with local people, as is the pool.

Hotel Villa Bayamo is about 15 minutes’ walk from Bayamo’s colonial parks & landmarks, while it is also within easy reach of the area’s beautiful Gran Parque Nacional Sierra Maestra. It is therefore an ideal overnight hotel for people exploring the island & has a private car park.

If you are travelling around eastern Cuba & want somewhere inexpensive to spend a night or two, you will find Islazul Villa Bayamo hotel a good choice, particularly if you want to meet local people.
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Opis Standardne sobe
There are 34 standard rooms at Villa Bayamo, located in the main block & in smaller bungalows around the grounds. All rooms are clean & comfortable, with standard ensuite facilities including air conditioning & satellite tv. Some guests have reported that hot water can be limited in the evenings.
© 2014 Nigel Hunt
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Description and facilities details coming soon.
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