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Baracoa Airport
Across the bay to Baracoa Airport
Baracoa City Girls School
Baracoa School Just 2 Blocks Away
Baracoa's main street
Walk Straight Out into Baracoa's City Centre
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について Hotel La Habanera
La Habanera is a charming and budget-priced hotel on the main street, just steps from the main plaza, is housed in a recently restored colonial-era building dating from 1867. For better or worse, the original colonial tile-work has been replaced with rather soulless contemporary ceramics, but beautiful hardwood doors are a lovely touch.

The location is a major plus for sightseeing, but it comes at a price: At night noise from the partying in the square and the nearby rooftop La Terraza cabaret can wake the dead.

Lofty ceilings assist air-conditioning in keeping things cool in the 10 bedrooms that surround an atrium courtyard, and four upstairs rooms open onto narrow balconies.

Modest yet tasteful tropical-themed rattan furnishings and lively autumnal color schemes in the bedrooms contrast with simply colonial-style decor and clinical whites in public arenas.

All rooms have lofty ceilings, plus two twin beds – so honeymooners should plan accordingly. Four rooms share a balcony over the plaza. Satellite TVs offer four international channels, and modern bathrooms sparkle.
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インターネット可能 (規格数:WiFi 802.11b+g)
ショップ (2分以内)
ナイトクラブ 近辺にあり
古建築 再現
埠頭 (5分以内)
近年 改装済み
電話 - 国内、国際電話
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The 12 rooms are all spacious, with high ceilings, bright patterned bed linens, rattan headboards, and sparkling tile floors. All come with two twin beds, and for a budget option, you'll be surprised to find a large television, with four international cable channels. The best rooms are the four that share a long broad veranda overlooking Calle Maceo and the Central Park.
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テラス またはバルコニー
浴室 (エン・スウィート)
についての案内 Baracoa、バラコア

また、重要なスペイン貿易港があった地でもあります。近くには3つの城砦があり、Fuerte Matachinは市立美術館の建築が行われ、Fuerte de la Puntaはレストランに、El Castillo de Seborucoはホテルとして経営されています。

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