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Hotel Don Lino 호텔 돈 리노 , Rafael Freyre 라파엘 프레이레, Holguin 홀긴, 쿠바
Cubaism Client Reviews of Hotel Villa Islazul Don Lino 호텔 빌라 이즈라줄 돈 리노

The people at this hotel were very friendly , I have a nice time in here. You could improve more your meals , but I guess this is something you got in all your reviews . The cabins were great ...
Reviewed on 03 Feb 2013
by Jose L N from United States
Hotel in 2011 is constructing new rooms which will be a definite upgrade. Present rooms are cleanable, with hot solar water. Ocean beach is rocky but tons of sand outside of the water. Low season visit had very limited restaurant menu and low quality service. Buffet if 30 or more people are staying at the hotel. Pool is small.
Reviewed on 22 Nov 2011
by Kelvin W from Canada
we are there 2 nights and it is great.very quiet the bungalow is compleet and clean.the people who work there are OK.I go back in december 2010.
Reviewed on 05 Jun 2010
by marjanne h from Netherlands
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Guide to Rafael Freyre 라파엘 프레이레
아름답고 작은 쿠반 해변이 있는 플라야 블란카는 해안의 아름다움과 백사장으로 유명하다.
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