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Hotel Bruzon , Cerro, Havana 하바나, 쿠바
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호텔에 대하여 Hotel Islazul Bruzon
도시 중심 호텔
Hotel Islazul Bruzon is a decent choice for anyone visiting Havana on a small budget & is very conveniently located for the National Bus Station.

Bruzon’s central location, not far from (Plaza de la Revolucion) & downtown Havana, means there is plenty to see & do nearby. Bruzon’s facilities include a buffet restaurant & snack bar, which serve simple but decent food. The hotel also has a bar & nightclub, where there is regular entertainment.

Bruzon hotel has a friendly atmosphere & is generally well maintained by helpful staff. It may not be in the nicest part of Havana but provides reasonable quality & value for anyone wanting to explore the city on a budget.
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세부사항 Standard 객실
Bruzon hotel has 48 standard rooms which are basically furnished, though clean & reasonably maintained. As with most budget hotels, the rooms are small but comfortable with twin beds & tv.
© 2014 Nigel Hunt
세부사항 Suite 객실
Description and facilities details coming soon.
Guide to Cerro
Small district in Havana City; close to Vedado.
UK 세일 :: Audrey :: +44 20 7498 8555 또는 0800 298 9555
미국 & 캐나다 세일 :: Jeffery 또는 Bastien :: 수신자 부담 888 361 9555
하바나 여행객 센터 :: Idelsis :: +53 7 863 9555
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