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Hotel Horizontes Villa El Salton
Hotel Villa El Salton Chalets
Hotel Horizontes Villa El Salton Ranchon Pool Room
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Hiking Guide
Guide giving pre-walk briefing
A Landscape on a Sierra MaestraTrail from El Salton Hotel
A Sierra Maestra Trail
El Salton Waterfall
Waterfall next to the Hotel
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If you are looking to get away from it all & enjoy a secluded retreat with breathtaking views, you won’t be disappointed with hotel Horizontes Villa El Salton – particularly if you enjoy hiking or bird-watching.

Located on the slopes of Sierra Maestra, Villa El Salton is only 2 hours from Santiago de Cuba but feels like a different world, set amidst a rainforest & overlooking a spectacular mountain valley. Guided walks from the hotel will introduce you to local wildlife, colourful flora & fauna & hidden gems such as the pretty waterfall nearby.

Hotel Villa El Salton & the surrounding area are a haven for anyone seeking serenity & relaxation. You can hike, take horseback rides or swim in the waterfall, or simply unwind around the pool & enjoy the unique sounds & backdrop of the rainforest. In keeping with the retreat-like feel of the place, Villa El Salton also provides a whirlpool spa & massage service.

Horizontes Villa El Salton serves decent quality food & drink from its bar & buffet restaurant, which overlooks a mountain stream & has very friendly, accommodating staff. You may even be treated to live Cuban music, though the peaceful ambience of the place is never compromised. Like many Cuban hotels, you may find the occasional maintenance issue but the place is generally well maintained.

You will find peacefulness & no shortage of natural wonders at Villa El Salton, & this hotel should appeal to anyone wanting to explore hidden Cuba, particularly hikers, nature enthusiasts & bird-watchers.
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The standard rooms at Villa El Salton are chalet-like & have wood panelling & relatively simple décor, with facilities including air conditioning, mini-bar & satellite TV. The rooms are clean & comfortable with a good-sized modern bathroom. There is also a covered veranda where you can stand outside & look out on the gardens & stunning views beyond.
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Guide to Contramaestre
The city & municipality of Contramaestre lies on the main highway roughly midway between Santiago de Cuba and Bayamo. The 610 sq km of Contramaestre municipality has a population of about 100k.

The name Contramaestre means "a foreman, vigilante or master of factory workers", but here the word was used when "the master" tributary of River Cauto was discovered here in the 16th Century, and called Rio Contramaestre.

The recommended route to Hotel Villa El Salton is via the rather spiffing (newly tarmaced 2010) scenic road from Contramaestre City.
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