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Hotel Elguea Accommodation
Standard Twin Room
Hotel Islazul Elguea Gym
Gymnasium at Islazul Elguea Hotel
Hotel Elguea Massage Therapy
Massage Therapy at Elguea Hotel
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Hotel Elguea is located on the northern coast of Villa Clara Province, ninety minutes by taxi from Varadero, and ten minutes from El Salto and Ganuza beaches on the border of Matanzas and Villla Clara province. This is an especially pleasant way-stop when traveling the north coast highway with bonus of getting a vigorous massage or steep in the therapeutic hot tubs.

Its wonderful climate makes the 1-star Islazul Elguea an excellent place to harmoniously combine holidays and health care. The vital treasure of the Elguea are its waters, that are reputed to be a rich source of minerals, contributing to overall health and quality of life. Elguea waters are hypermineralized, meaning they have high contents of chlorine, sodium, and bromine salts, and low contents of radon, and sulfide.

Their mean temperature is 45°C and they flow at a rate of 25 litters per second. Due to all these properties, its waters are prescribed for relaxation, revitalization, anti-stress, fitness, against obesity, respiratory, circulatory and neurological problems.

The 135 air-conditioned guest rooms are perfectly comfortable for a night's stay and have been fitted with bamboo furnishings, satellite TVs, telephones, in-room safes, and small refrigerators. And the bathrooms now boast modern fittings.

Active-minded guests can take to the large swimming pool, two tennis courts, and (if you can a quorum) the volleyball and basketball courts. And the spa features massage rooms, a simple gym, and various rooms for treating medical conditions, rather than beauty. But be prepared to have the facilities to yourself.
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TV와 바(국제 방송 채널)
국내/ 국제 전화
국제적인 음식
로비 바
마스터 카드/ 비자 카드 사용 무관(아메리카/ USA 카드는 효력 없음)
매일 다른 활동 프로그램
상점과 간단한 제공, 기념품과 선물
생태계 여행 프로그램
수영장의 스낵바
스페인어, 영어, 불러, 독어, 이테리어 통역 서비스는 프론트에서
안전성- 24시간 보안 요원
여행과 여행객 정보 데스크
의료 서비스
자전거 활용가능
장애인 시설
택시 데스크
테니스 코트
필드 스포츠
현대식 건물
세부사항 Standard 객실
The Elguea Hotel has 99 rooms equipped with air conditioning, private bathroom, phone, balcony or terrace, satellite TV, twin beds, radio, power 110V/60Hz.

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테라스 (가능한 조건)
트윈 침대
세부사항 Suite 객실
Description and facilities details coming soon.
Guide to Banos de Elguea 바노스 데 엘게아
엘게아는 바라데로에서 부터 한시간 가량 떨어진 곳으로 10분쯤 가다 보면 살토와 가누자 해변이 나온다.
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