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If you want a holiday where you can relax and enjoy Cuba’s wonderful flora and fauna you should try Horizontes Villa Soroa hotel, particularly if you are a keen bird-watcher.

Located in the western Sierra del Rosario Mountains over 600 feet above sea level, Villa Soroa is an idyllic, colourful place that is perfect for nature lovers. A mountain stream runs right through the grounds and the fabulous botanical garden next door has over 700 species of orchid alone. The hotel’s enthusiastic guides arrange bird-watching and nature walks, while it is only a 10-minute stroll to the waterfall where you can have an invigorating dip in fresh mountain water.

For more standard swimming, Villa Soroa hotel has a large pool which is well maintained with plenty of sun loungers. The pool bar also provides great snacks and cocktails which you can enjoy while sitting back and soaking up spectacular views.

The food and drink is reasonably good at Villa Soroa, though the variety can be limited. There is an a la carte restaurant and buffet restaurant, which serves really good desserts such as creme caramel and rice custard. For those who want to try something different, there is a private house restaurant, or paladar, close to the hotel which serves excellent food.

There is daytime and evening entertainment for guests, including a duo playing Cuban favourites in the evening, creating a great ambience without intruding on those wanting to sit outside and enjoy the sounds of nature.

Horizontes Villa Soroa hotel is a fine choice for those seeking serenity in the sun, particularly bird-watchers and anyone who enjoys flowers, wildlife and beautiful mountain scenery.

The swimming pool of Hotel Horizontes Villa Soroa will be closed for renovation works from September 2014 until further notice.
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There are 49 standard two-room bungalows at Villa Soroa which are all ensuite with double bed, air conditioning and terrace. These are quirky, attractive little buildings of comfortable size, though some require a little TLC. Some provide stunning views of the mountains and forest, with numbers 14-24 recommended by former guests. There is also a bungalow with adapted facilities for guests with disabilities.
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Description and facilities details coming soon.
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Guide to Soroa & Las Terrazas 소로아 & 라스 테라쟈스
소로아는 쿠바의 무지개로 알려져 있는데 쿠바의 수도에서 서쪽으로 70킬로 떨어진 곳에 있다. 자연의 아름다움으로 인해 숨을 쉴수 없을 정도며 22미터의 폭포가 방문객들을 맞이하는데 일년내내 수영을 할수 있을 정도로 따뜻한 곳이기도 하다.

소로아의 가장 인기 많은 곳은 보타니칼 정원과 함께 700여 종의 난초를 기르는 난초관도 있다.
커피 경작의 엿사는 19세기에 시작 되었는데 고객들에게 많은 흥미를 주는 으뜸 장소이기도 하다.

라스 테라쟈스의 하얀색의 집들은 각양각색의 지붕과 집 주변에는 연목들과 정원들이 곁에 있으며 쿠바의 시골 풍경을 확인 할수 있을 것이다.
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