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Hotel Mascotte , Remedios, Villa Clara, Küba
Facade of the Hotel Encanto Mascotte, Remedios, Villa Clara
Hotel Encanto Mascotte's Facade
Hotel Encanto Mascotte, Remedios, Villa Clara, Cuba
Hotel Encanto Mascotte Viewed from Plaza de Remedios
First Floor Balcony of the Hotel Encanto Mascotte, Remedios, Villa Clara, Cuba
First Floor Balcony
Interior Courtyard and First Floor, Hotel Encanto Mascotte, Remedios, Villa Clara, Cuba
Interior Courtyard and First Floor
Standard Room, Hotel Encanto Mascotte, Remedios, Villa Clara, Cuba
Standard Room
Standard Room Bathroom, Hotel Encanto Mascotte, Remedios, Villa Clara, Cuba
Standard Room Bathroom
Restaurant of the Hotel Encanto Mascotte, Remedios, Villa Clara, Cuba
Hotel Restaurant
Furniture at the Lobby of the Hotel Encanto Mascotte, Remedios, Villa Clara, Cuba
Lobby Furniture
Serenata de Mayo Bar, Hotel Encanto Mascotte, Remedios, Villa Clara, Cuba
Serenata de Mayo Bar
Plaza de Remedios and Catholic Church Viewed from the Terrace of the Hotel
View from the Terrace
Hotel Desk at the Lobby, Hotel Encanto Mascotte, Remedios, Villa Clara, Cuba
Hotel Desk
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Hotel Encanto Mascotte is located in town of San Juan de los Remedios – one of the oldest towns in Cuba, and one that appears to have not changed in a hundred years. It was here, on February 1, 1899, that General Máximo Gómez and Robert P. Porter (the U.S. Commissioner) met to negotiate the terms of the dissolution of Cuban forces at the end of the Spanish-American War.

Mascotte is a small hotel, only 10 standard rooms, in an old 18th-century colonial style building. It has beautiful architecture, high ceilings, long window-doors and balconies that overlook the main square. Recently restored, it evokes a simple colonial charm, beginning with the downstairs restaurant with french-doors opening into the Central Plaza – the best in town.

Upstairs, the 10 rooms have lofty ceilings and satellite TVs, and those facing the plaza feature shuttered doors that open to wrought-iron balconies with views. The original floors have been replaced with modern ceramic tiles. And bathrooms feature modern fixtures, including shower-tubs.

From the hotel you can also book various tours to visit places of interest of the town. Just across the street from the hotel you can find an interesting shop of arts and crafts.

Hotel Mascotte offers family atmosphere and personalized service. It is recommended to those who would like to get a feeling of the local flavour. Now run by Cubanacán, the hotel is popular with tour groups and individuals and makes a splendid base for exploring Remedios and beyond.

Encanto, sometimes abbreviated to just E, is a new brand of Cubanacan. Thus the hotel may sometimes be refered to as Hotel E Mascotte.
© 2017 Nigel Hunt
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Eski bina restore edilmiş
Güvenlik - Ön büro kasası kasasi
Lobby bar
Mağazalar 2 dakika mesafede
Otel yakın zamanda restore edilmiştir
Reception staff speak Spanish, English, French, German, Italian
Telefon - Ulusal ve uluslararası aramalar
Turlar ve turizm danışma masası
TV odası / (uluslararası kanal / video)
Detayları Standart  
Mascotte has 10 ensuite rooms which are comfortable & well maintained, with classic high ceilings & shuttered windows providing views of the square or courtyard. The rooms looking out on the square also have small balconies. All rooms have air-conditioning, safe & satellite TV.
© 2017 Nigel Hunt
Balkon (doluluk durumuna bağlıdır)
Banyo (ensuite)
Oda servisi
Sıcak ve Soğuk Su
Uydu TV
Detayları Junior Suit  
Mascotte has 4 junior suites which have a separate lounge area as well as the facilities found in all standard rooms.
© 2017 Nigel Hunt
Rehberi Remedios
This town is a typical, but beautiful, example of Spanish colonial architecture. The intrusion of the sugar and cattle industries have not detracted from its laid-back atmosphere. The centre is marked by the Plaza Marti and, as with all Spanish cities, the streets span out from the Plaza with well thought out symmetry. The Plaza Marti is similar in style to the Plaza Mayor in Trinidad.

Other interesting things to see are The Museum of the Remedion Parrandas and The Church of San Juan Batista de Remedios.
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