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关于 Hostal Gaviota Rio Miel
If you are looking for a modern, comfortable hotel in Baracoa which offers great hospitality in tandem with fine views, you won’t find many better than Hostal Gaviota Rio Miel.

Hostal Rio Miel only opened in late 2013 & is an eco-friendly, solar powered hotel that ensures a ready supply of hot water at all times. The staff are especially helpful, doing all they can to ensure you enjoy Baracoa & the wider Guantanamo area. From arranging swimming at nearby hotels & advising on local attractions, to advice on wider places of interest such as Salto Fino, the highest waterfall in the Caribbean. Car parking is also available at the hotel.

Hostal Rio Miel has a great location on Baracoa’s promenade overlooking the ocean & you don’t even need an ocean-facing room to enjoy it, with the hotel’s lounge providing good views of the bustling Malecón. However there is no lift &, with rooms over three floors, this hotel may not suit guests with mobility problems.

Accommodation at Rio Miel is on a bed & breakfast basis, with hearty breakfasts served in the lobby bar, which also provides snacks throughout the day. The food & drink is relatively basic but of a good standard & the bar area is impressively clean.

You will know you have stumbled on a hidden gem the moment you arrive in the airy lounge & meet the wonderful smiling staff. Rio Miel is a charming, modern & very comfortable hotel in a great waterfront location which will leave a lasting impression from your visit to Baracoa.
© 2014 Nigel Hunt
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The rooms at Rio Miel are clean, spacious & very comfortable with good quality beds, air-conditioning, satellite TV, fridge & safe deposit box.

The 12 standard rooms are all ensuite with good bathrooms, where you will find complementary toiletries, soft towels & an impressive shower. All have an inner seating area & balcony, though only half of the rooms face the ocean.
© 2014 Nigel Hunt
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旅游指南: Baracoa 巴拉科亚
巴拉科亚坐落在古巴东部岛屿的海湾上,那里正是加勒比海和大西洋的交汇处。1512年由Diego Velazquez成立,是古巴最古老的欧洲殖民地,镇上一派和谐的景象,海岸边上丰富的棕榈树给人以南太平洋的感觉。


在列安东尼奥马塞奥,您会发现在骄阳烘烤大地的情形下,人们排着队在卡萨德尔巧克力店购买热巧克力,对面就是可爱的Casa de la Trova,在那可以举行露天表演,您也不要忘记去参观独立广场(它是这个城市重要的社区生活地点),萨尔瓦多云雀和石头动物园,那里拥有很多的石头雕刻的动物。

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