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酒店在 Contramaestre, Santiago de Cuba 圣地亚哥, 古巴
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萨尔瓦多索尔顿坐落在马埃斯特腊山脉的中心地带,古巴最高的山脉,四周风景如画,天然的瀑布,宜人的气候。 图片&更多信息...
Nigel 推荐酒店
From £29.70
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from 2020-09-16 to
Contramaestre 指南
The city & municipality of Contramaestre lies on the main highway roughly midway between Santiago de Cuba and Bayamo. The 610 sq km of Contramaestre municipality has a population of about 100k.

The name Contramaestre means "a foreman, vigilante or master of factory workers", but here the word was used when "the master" tributary of River Cauto was discovered here in the 16th Century, and called Rio Contramaestre.

The recommended route to Hotel Villa El Salton is via the rather spiffing (newly tarmaced 2010) scenic road from Contramaestre City.
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