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酒店在 Playa Giron, Matanzas 马坦萨斯, 古巴
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Playa Giron
Not Reviewed By Nigel Yet
吉隆海滩酒店坐落在马坦萨斯省的南海岸,著名的古巴半岛日萨帕塔地区,靠近两块美丽的沙滩,其中一块沙滩非常适合潜水,因为它的海水清澈透明,美丽的海底世界充满了珊瑚,柳珊瑚虫和海绵动物;而另一块沙滩则拥优雅静谧的环境,相当适合休憩。吉隆海滩酒店是酷爱大自然和水上活动的度假者的理想目的地。距离巴拉德罗的胡安瓜尔韦托罗戈麦斯国际机场各只有165公里/102.5英里。 图片&更多信息...
潜水& 浮潜
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Playa Giron 指南
Playa Giron, on the eastern side of the famous Bay of Pigs (Bahia de Cochinos), 48km south of Boca de Guama, is named for a French pirate who frequented the area centuries ago. The CIA-sponsored landing here on April 17, 1961, was defeated within 72 hours, as a museum and many monuments proclaim. In all, 200 invaders were killed, 1197 captured, and 11 hostile planes shot down. You really get the feel of reliving history by coming here, and the clear Caribbean waters washing these shores make Playa Giron a favorite destination for scuba divers and snorkelers. A lasting legacy of 1961 is that the entire Bay of Pigs area is strictly out of bounds to cruising yachts.
Playa Giron's main resort is rather pleasant, and a huge seawall provides a protected swimming area. Long, white Playa Los Cocos, where the snorkeling is good, is just a five-minute walk south along the shore. The rocky soils of this region are of little use for agriculture and the population is sparse. Distances are long and public transportation is poor, so unless you've rented a car, you'd better be prepared to rough it.
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